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Ran Barak


Ran entered the restaurant industry back in 2010 and immediately fell in love with giving people the best service possible. In 2012, he enrolled in a cooking academy in Israel, completing a year-long program. Since then, Ran has let his creativity come alive in the kitchen. His passion is to use his skills to share healthy & delicious food with the world.
Ran tries to make everyone who enters his cafe feel at home. He strives to make the world a better place through a healthy body and mind.

Eliad Suissa


Eliad is a very creative and loving person. His journey in the restaurant industry began back in 2002. In 2012, he enrolled in a cooking academy in Israel, completing a year-long program. He spent a few years gaining experience working in the best restaurants in Israel and then began to travel around the world. He has seen some of the world’s best restaurants.
It is his dream to make his cafe one of the most popular places in Las Vegas.

Why Kosher?

Kosher diet has become increasingly popular in recent years and its health benefits are very interesting for several reasons. The fact that Kosher is not a type or style of food, rather it refers to the preparation, the components, and probably the most important premise, the meticulous inspection of the ingredients and process overall, makes this choice a very healthy alternative for a diet.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, only 8% of Kosher consumers are strictly related religious, and most of the consumers choose it for food safety, taste, vegetarianism and overall health stile.

Why is so healthy?

The first and most obvious fact is that Kosher-selected foods and ingredients are highly beneficial for the consumer, due to the very strict rules under which they are produced and as a consequence of the inspection, monitoring, and certification. Fruits and Vegetables are monitored very carefully ensuring that do not contain any contamination, bugs, or manipulation damage. That extremely tight surveillance ensures the safety and healthiness of the product.
The community of Vegetarians, they are assured that those kosher products that are labeled as “pareve” are processed on equipment free of any dairy foods or meat. Meatless foods cannot contain any form of meat, which is helpful for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet.